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Suggested Tools

This page contains a list of tools which I have found useful. Unless stated otherwise, each of these is Open Source and will run on Linux, Windows and iOS platforms

  Name Notes
Audio Editor Audacity  
BiBTeX Editor JabRef  
Calendar Lightning Addon to Thunderbird
Database MariaDB Replacement for MySQL; also consider PostgreSQL
Desktop Publishing Scribus  
Graph Drawing GnuPlot  
Mail Client Thunderbird Use IMAP
Mind Mapping FreeMind  
Network Visualisation Gephi Exploratory analysis tool
OCR Tesseract  
Office Suite LibreOffice Wordprocessor, spreadsheet, slides, database
Statistical Package R  
Text Editor Vim Also Gvim, as a variant with a GUI
Vector Graphics Inkscape Also consider Krita
Version Control System Git  
Virtualizer VirtualBox Hypervisor; may not support Apple guests
Web Browser Firefox