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  • BBSRC Project grant BB/R004579/1: "Reconstructing cell surface dynamics from lightsheet microscopy data" (PI), Oct 2017-Sep 2020, £532,216
  • BBSRC BBR grant BB/M01150X/1: “QuimP software for quantifying cellular morphodynamics” (PI), Jul 2015–Dec 2018, £417,476
  • BBSRC Tools and Resources Development Fund BB/M020231/1: “3D tissue reconstruction and feature identification under DIC microscopy“ (Co-I, PI Magnus Richardson, Warwick), May 2015–Aug 2016, £181,030
  • BBSRC Sparking Impact Fund: ‘Software tools for studying 3D cell shape dynamics’ (PI), Dec 2013 - May 2014, £8,742
  • FP7 programme grant "Systems medicine of chronic inflammatory bowel disease", (Co-I, PI Werner Mueller, consortium of 12 international institutions) Dec 2012 - Nov 2017, EUR15.7M
  • Warwick Impact Fund: "Novel high throughput screening and imaging techology" (Co-I, PI Paul Thornalley with Co-Is Naila Rabbani, Tony Shmygol, Jan 2013 - Dec 2013, £50,000
  • project partner in the FP7-REGPOT-2012-2013-1 programme "Enhancement of the Innovation Potential in SEE through new Molecular Solutions in Research and Development", collaboration with Igor Weber, Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
  • BBSRC sLoLa Grant BB/K003097/1 "Systems Biology analysis of biological timers and inflammation" (Co-I, PI Mike White, Manchester), May 2013-Apr 2018, £4,160,524
  • Warwick Impact Fund "A Computational Framework for Cell Motility" (Co-I, PI Charlie Elliott, Warwick), 2012-2013, £20,416
  • Wellcome Trust Project Grant WT094131MA “A systems approach to chemotactic cell sorting during development” (PI, joint with Kees Weijer, Dundee), Oct 2011-May 2015, £163,005 (£335,156 total).
  • Royal Society Research Grant “Reprogramming Cell Polarity Using Shear-Flow Reversals” (PI, joint with Graham Ladds, Warwick), Mar 2011-Feb 2012, £14,971.
  • Royal Society Conference Grant to speak at ISBI2011, Chicago, USA, Mar 2011, £2,079.
  • BBSRC Project Grant BBI0082091 "A 3D-perspective on neutrophil migration" (PI, joint with Len Stephens/Phil Hawkins, Babraham), Apr 2011–Mar 2014, £185,501 (£702,436 total).
  • Warwick Strategic Research Development Fund “A Systems Perspective on Cell Polarity” (PI, joint with Graham Ladds, Warwick), Oct 2010-Jul 2011, £17,614.
  • BBSRC Training Grant for WSBC (Co-I in my role as MSc Co-director of WSB-DTC, PI Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston), Oct 2010- Sep 2013, £223,204 total.
  • BBSRC Strategy Grant from the Babraham Institute “Extracting 3D Cell Surface Motifs" (Co-I, PIs Len Stephens/Phil Hawkins, Babraham), May 2010-Sep 2010, £16,000 (£50,000 total).
  • EPSRC Workshop “Spatio-temporal dynamics challenges from fluorescence data (FLUO2010)” (PI, joint with Nigel Burroughs, Warwick), £24,400.
  • DFG Travel Grant to present at the Gordon conference “Gradient Sensing and Directed Cell Migration”, Ventura, USA, Jan 2005, EUR 1,148.
  • Schloessmann postdoctoral fellowship (2 years) awarded by the Max-Planck-Society for contributions to “Mathematical Models in Biology, Chemistry and Physics”, Apr 2001-Apr 2003.



The Software Sustainability Institute cultivates world-class research with software. The Institute is based at the universities of Edinburgh, Manchester, Southampton and Oxford.

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