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Student Profiles

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Any member of our staff will tell you that our students are our biggest asset, not least because of their boundless energy and enthusiasm for their discipline. To help you learn more about what we do and how it benefits our students, we asked a few of them to tell you a little about themselves and their experience at Warwick.


Joanna Laikin

Computer Science, Third Year

Hometown: Barnet, London
Clubs and Societies: Classical and Modern Dance, Salsa Dancing, St John Ambulance, Radio Warwick
Favourite Modules: Algorithms, Functional Programming, Programming for Computer Scientists

Memorable Moments: There have been a lot! I've performed in the Warwick Arts Centre Theatre, danced salsa in the piazza and been on Radio Warwick, all in the last year. Recently I've got involved with lots of outreach, so I've been able to help run British Computer Society events and our residential course for A-level students over the summer.

I'm really enjoying the algorithms module right now. Taking the fundamentals we covered in first year and applying them to design efficient algorithms is so rewarding. It makes me excited for the modules I'll study later, especially machine learning and complexity of algorithms.


Rob Hannay

Computer Science, Third Year

Hometown: Swindon, Wiltshire
Clubs and Societies: Christian Union, Music Centre, Warwick Student Cinema
Favourite Modules: Algorithms, Design of Information Structures

Memorable Moments: There are smaller things from my first year, like us playing onion hockey in our kitchen or winning a prize from Morgan Stanley, but being a Team Leader for the residential summer school tops them. It's great to think we help so many talented young people see the importance of computer science at a time when they're making some of their most important academic choices.

I remember arriving in the Department on an open day and meeting lots of the staff and students I now work with. It doesn't seem that long ago but I definitely feel like I've done a lot since then. From knowing basically nothing about computer science, I'm on a first and representing Microsoft.


Will Thompson

Computer Science, Third Year

Hometown: Barnsley, Yorkshire
Clubs and Societies: Boxing Club, Computing Society Football, Warwick Gym
Favourite Modules: Computer Security, Web Applications Development

Memorable Moments: The first year had way too many to count. Arriving at Warwick will always stand out because of how much fun I had, especially meeting my flatmates for the first time and going to the Freshers Party. Since then I've enjoyed getting involved with my department outside my course. I think a lot of the best memories have come from being part of the team that helps with open days and outreach.

Warwick has already given me some fantastic experiences. I've learnt a lot in just a year and I feel extremely well prepared for a career in technology. After studying computer security and getting excited about where can lead, that's where I'll be focusing my efforts when it comes graduate careers.


Hannah Roylance

Computer Science, Third Year

Hometown: Alsager, Cheshire
Clubs and Societies: Art Society, Baking
Favourite Modules: Computer Organisation and Architecture, Web Applications Development

Memorable Moments: Every year the Warwick Summer Party is my favourite way to finish exams. In my first year it was just after my last few exams. Pretty much everyone I know went along for the whole day, the majority for the food and inflatable games. There is nothing better than a mini-festival to celebrate your end of year grade.

The year in industry was a big factor in my choice of university. Where I was looking there were a few that seemed well connected. They stood out as places to think about. I picked Warwick mostly for the quality of the degree but also because the campus is lovely.


Will Parsons

Computer Science, Third Year

Hometown: Southampton, Hampshire
Clubs and Societies: Computing Society, Warwick Gym
Favourite Modules: Computer Organisation and Architecture, Advanced Computer Architecture

Memorable Moments: Freshers was amazing because the people I met but I think my highlight has to be the coursework for Advanced Computer Architecture. Intel had visited to help set the work and I wanted to impress them. I spent weeks more than I should have working on it, all as a matter of pride. I did get one of the tops grades for it but diving into it so deeply gave me a real talking point when it came to interviews for my year in industry.

I've had experiences that have changed my view of the world and the way I approach problems. It's more than just technical ability too. The feedback I'm getting at Bank of America is showing me just how much companies value the range of skills I've developed at Warwick.

Rachel Durrant

Discrete Mathematics, Graduate

Hometown: Wendover, Buckinghamshire
Clubs and Societies: Badminton, German
Favourite Modules: Artificial Intelligence, Discrete Mathematics I and II

Memorable Moments: The first time I visited Warwick is still special to me. I remember everyone in the Department being really enthusiastic and that still comes across in lectures. Also, cooking Christmas dinner with my flatmates was a fun way to end the first term of university before we all went home.

Discrete Mathematics combines Computer Science and Mathematics in a way that lets you truly understand their relationship. It's different to most joint degrees because it's completely integrated. I think that's why lots of employers chase graduates from the course.


Emma Chambers

Computer Science, Graduate

Hometown: Bath, Somerset
Clubs and Societies: Baking, Cheerleading
Favourite Modules: Advanced Computer Architecture, Computer Graphics

Memorable Moments: I have a lot of great memories from my course but if I had to pick a single memory of Warwick, it'd definitely involve Warwick Cheerleading. Winning national competitions and training sessions were so much fun that I've become Fixtures Coordinator for the society this year. Studying is important to me but I think being rounded and enjoying things outside study is what helps make Warwick students stand out.

Studying Computer Science has given me so many opportunities. When I arrived I had no idea what I could do or how valuable I would be, even before I've finished my degree. I'm really grateful to the staff for helping my career so much.

Ishe Gambe

Computer Science, Fourth Year

Hometown: Dartford, Kent
Clubs and Societies: Mixed Hockey, Warwick Hip-Hop, Warwick Snow
Favourite Modules: Design of Information Structures, Operating Systems and Computer Networks

Memorable Moments: Definitely being a Fresher at Warwick. My first few weeks of university were some of the most fun and interesting I've ever had. I have so many friends that I first met in those early weeks. The guys I work with every day were there right from the start. That's quite special I think.

Interning at Barclays Capital was fun. I think I'll go back next summer too. I had planned to go to a technology company but it's a great place to work and they have offered me a graduate job in technology - that's hard to turn down when you're working with people you like.


Rayhaan Jaufeerally

Computer Science, Graduate

Hometown: Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Clubs and Societies: Computing Society
Favourite Modules: Algorithms, Logic and Verification

Memorable Moments: The course is a lot of fun and, for me, that feeds into the Computing Society. I'm now Technical Officer for the society but the most memorable parts of it have been trips to academic conferences, technical companies and museums across Europe. When I arrived at Warwick I had no idea how easy it is to do all the interesting things you hear about students doing, it's great.

Everyone at Warwick made arriving from Singapore really smooth. The Department felt like home from my first day. Right now I'm looking forward to working at Google and bringing that experience back to my projects at Warwick next year.


David Purser

Data Analytics, PhD Student

Hometown: Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Clubs and Societies: Badminton, Warwick Student Cinema
Favourite Modules: Complexity of Algorithms, Formal Languages, Machine Learning

Memorable Moments: I was involved with a lot activities during my first degree but travelling to Sweden to compete in the NWERC competition for programming and algorithms was a great experience. Representing Warwick in a competition that's so challenging and recognised across the world is something I won't forget in a hurry.

I couldn't have asked for a better route into research than studying at Warwick, especially on a course like Discrete Mathematics. Being supervised and working alongside people who are the world's leading authority on their field is a great reward for years of study.


Vinay Mistry

Computer Science, Graduate

Hometown: Leicester, Leicestershire
Clubs and Societies: Real Ale, Warwick Comedy, Warwick Gym
Favourite Modules: Computer Graphics, Software Engineering

Memorable Moments: It's impossible to boil it down to one memory because of the range of things I did. I met some of the best friends I have, many of whom I still work with at Bank of America, at Warwick. It's an incredible place to study.

Working at Bank of America showed me how important the skills I'd developed are to industry. It was a fantastic experience and I'm looking forward to joining the company after graduation. I'll be sad to leave the Department but I'm looking forward to coming back as often as I can with Bank of America.