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AI tool developed to help grade cancer based on cell divisions

Ahead of World Cancer Day on 4 February, scientists are revealing a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to help grade cancer, by analysing cell division.

In numerous cancer types, counting the number of cells undergoing division, known as mitotic figures, serves as a key indicator of cancer aggressiveness, or grade. This information helps inform treatment pathways, making it a crucial asessment tool. Traditional mitosis counting is both time-consuming and plagued by poor reliability. To address this, scientists have developed a new tool, MitPro, which uses AI to count and profile mitosis.

Histofy, a spin-out company from The University of Warwick that is leading developer of AI solutions for pathology, has engineered the tool to accurately profile mitosis throughout the entire tumour sample. This identifies the most suitable areas for further analysis.

Wed 07 Feb 2024, 10:02 | Tags: Research Applied Computing

Latest two academic promotions

We are happy to announce that Dr Gihan Mudalige and Dr Victor Sanchez have both been promoted to Professor from 1st August 2023.

Many congratulations to our colleagues for all their achievements!

Publication of Professor Edmund Rolls' Book "Brain Computations and Connectivity" by Oxford University Press with Open Access

Professor Edmund Rolls is pleased to announce the publication of his 16th book, Rolls,E.T. (2023) Brain Computations and Connectivity. Oxford University Press: Oxford. Open Access.

Brain Computations and Connectivity provides a computational framework for understanding brain function in health and disease. The book also describes many discoveries on the computational functions of many brain regions.

The book includes research performed with many members of the Department of Computer Science including Professor Jianfeng Feng. The Gatsby Foundation is thanked for a grant towards the cost of enabling this book to be Open Access. A link to the book is available here.

Tue 04 Jul 2023, 15:10 | Tags: People Applied Computing

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