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Hengrui Zhang has abstract accepted to the British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2021

Congratulations to third-year Computer Science student Hengrui Zhang, who has had an abstract accepted at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2021 (BCUR 2021). Hengrui’s abstract, titled "Emotional Adjusted Chinese Sentiment Analysis", proposes a new and enhanced sentiment analysis model, SETCM, which combines the advantages of sentiment lexicon, emoji and neural computing technology. The proposed method overcomes the shortcomings of existing sentiment analysis on Chinese-language text. It is based on the work that Hengrui has completed as part of his third-year project, supervised by Dr Greg Watson.

BCUR is the largest conference in the UK dedicated exclusively to undergraduate research. The conference invites undergraduates from any discipline and of any level to submit papers, posters, creative show and tell, oral presentations and performances.

Regarding the BCUR, Hengrui commented:

If you have an idea you would like to explore and share with others, the BCUR is a great choice. While writing the abstract, I had difficulty because I did not know how to summarise my idea and present it to people that do not have any prior knowledge of natural language processing. However, the BCUR provided many sample abstracts from different academic areas, including art, chemistry, etc., which really helped and hugely contributed to getting my abstract accepted. I really learnt a lot from the experience!

Wed 21 Apr 2021, 11:30 | Tags: People Undergraduate