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Automated Assessment

Computer programs are - in principle - ideal subjects for automated assessment. Not only can the correctness of a program be measured, but also its quality. However, there is no single correct approach to the problem of assessing programming assignments, and different practitioners may adopt different strategies, depending on the specific aims and objectives of the course they are teaching, and on their own style and preferences.

Our interest is both technical and educational, and we have investigated how new technologies can be used in an assessment system in ways which will benefit the teaching and learning processes. Our pedagogic foundation is that automatic assessment should not constrain the teacher to present or deliver their assessment material in any given style.

Our research has resulted in the production of a software package (further information available from which deals with the whole process of managing a programming assignment. Students can submit their work securely, and teachers can automatically test students' work against defined criteria, including unit tests, using a simple interface for marking and delivering feedback. Support for software metrics and for unit testing is included, allowing for a rigorous software engineering based approach, and new technologies for support the complex administrative components of the process.

Investigators: Mike Joy and Nathan Griffiths


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