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A Pedagogical Evaluation of E-learning from Users’ Perspective: The Case of MOODLE in the University of Warwick

TThe undeniable significance of the web in education has led to a massive growth of e-learning websites offering different types of services. Unfortunately, many institutes have developed e-learning components without paying attention to meet quality standards.

This research combines the factors found from existing models and frameworks that are concerned with e-learning quality success factors and gathers data from e-learning stakeholders: students, instructional designers and academics who use the MOODLE as a web based learning environment to deliver online courses in several faculties and departments in Warwick University to explore the pedagogical factors that contribute to the success of e-learning systems and factors that impede its success from users' perspectives to provide useful information that will enhance the process of designing courses pedagogically.

This research is expected to give insights for higher education institutes to strengthen the outcomes of e-learning systems, by improving the design of online courses through addressing quality success factors.

Investigator: Dimah Al-Fraihat