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Collaborative Groupware Survey

Which learning management systems have you used? Tick all that apply.
The following collaborative tools can be used for teaching and learning.
Please comment on how effective each has been for you in the context of teaching and learning.

Instant messaging

Note: Effective means helping people increase their productivity through the collaboration and sharing of information.
Social media
Shared whiteboard
Audio/video conference
Calendering e.g Outlook
Document sharing
If you are using one of the above collaborative tool in your home environment, which of the following security solutions are deployed? Tick all that apply.
The following security solutions may be used, either directly or indirectly, to support the process of authentication. Which of the following are you familiar with?
Which of the following information security technologies have you used in your home environment?
Which of the following formats would you prefer for formal assessment (e.g.exam).
If a collaborative groupware learning tool (as described above) is used, a lot of information may or may not be stored and preserved.

Which of the following types of information does a teacher need to preserve and with what level of access in order to deliver a course efficiently? Tick all that apply.

In each case please indicate your reasons.


Private means that such data may be kept private and confidential to the administrator (and not available to the teacher).

Access with permission from the user means data are available to the teacher with the student’s explicit permission.

Preserved with permission from the user means that data are available to the teacher but without any editing rights.

Public means data are visible to the teacher and all the students. (Read only access)

Students’ submitted assignments
Messaging history
Shared whiteboard
Grades awarded for submitted assignments
Personal data (e.g.Address,Age,..etc)
Collaborative data (e.g. contents of messages)

*Thank you! This is the end of the survey.* Please click on *"Answer"* to submit your responses.
Privacy notice
This quiz is anonymous. No data which personally identifies you is collected on the quiz, and the data you provide will be completely confidential and will be used for research purposes only. No data will be revealed to anyone except the research team.

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