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The First International Conference on Making Construals

The following extract is taken from the project proposal (p.49-50):

A conference will be organised before the end of the project implementation period aiming at communicating the project ideas and activities within a wider audience consisting of people from varying professional, educational and cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life. The conference will draw upon CONSTRUIT! ideas, concepts and outcomes but it will be broad in scope; it will be primarily rooted in application-oriented interactive activities with construals and collaborative constructionist practices; Although the emphasis is on application-oriented activities that allow interaction with the CONSTRUIT! concepts, research ‘papers’ will be also welcomed as they can indicate possible future directions for research studies.

In order to further boost participation in the conference, a ‘virtual strand’ will be supported that will offer interested parties the opportunity to participate online, to communicate their ideas and to interact with other people that have related interests (i.e in topics like shape modelling, medicine, finance, decision-making, robotics, music and more).

Edumotiva and University of Warwick will lead this activity. The other partners will also contribute to bring this international event into life. The partners of the CONSTRUIT! consortium will be in the organization committee.

The preparation of the conference will start during the second year of the implementation period to ensure that there will be enough time for preparatory planning. A website for the conference will be developed as well as the conference logo, leaflet and call for papers. The programme committee will be also established; this will include people from academia and researchers as well as practitioners from and beyond the project partnership. Planning for the conference location, room, exhibit area , facilities and social event will also be made. The partners will set up a strategy to promote this international event using existing channels (such as the project website, partner organisation websites, mailing lists) and social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Appropriate time will be allocated to the programme committee for the review of the contributions to conference call. Special focus will be paid on the creation of the conference programme which will bring together research-based sessions and (primarily) application- oriented interactive activities from a wide range of subject areas.

The outcomes of the conference and key sessions, including podcasts of selected sessions, will become available online on the project web site and on the conference web site. Proceedings will be also published online and free access to them will be guaranteed. Organization committee will encourage authors and attendees to submit also multimedia files related to the ‘construal making process’ which will be combined with video material and remarkable conference episodes retrieved from the conference activities. This material will be also be uploaded on the project and conference web site and is seen as a trigger to motivate more people to embrace the pedagogical concepts underpinning the CONSTRUIT! project.

The organization of the international conference on making construals is considered an invaluable opportunity for exploitation and networking. We do not see this conference as the culmination of the dissemination and exploitation plan. Our vision is to seek for external cofunding or other support from diverse sources in order to ensure the organization of the conference every two years post project completion. In other words, we view this conference as a progression that can potentially be extended beyond the duration of the project, and into the future. In this line, conference website (as well as project website) will be available for at least 3 years after the project completion period constituting a significant post-project dissemination tool. We see this as a vital contribution to the sustainability of the project. The participants in the conference will be encouraged to complete an evaluation questionnaire which will be mainly quantitative in character but will also allow qualitative feedback. The received comments will enable the organisation committee to plan for future conferences, to improve existing practices and modify decisions related to conference structure and organization.

This conference will take place in conjunction with the final transnational project meeting at Warwick in the summer of 2017. Details will be announced as they are developed.



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