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Empirical Modelling Research Group

This site belongs to the Empirical Modelling Research Group at the University of Warwick and contains material for students, researchers and anyone curious about Empirical Modelling.


The Empirical Modelling Group is doing ground-breaking research on developing interactive environments that are unusually open and experiential. Special principles and tools have been developed exclusively at Warwick in recent years with which to construct and explore a wide variety of models. The modeller works rather like an artist with a painting -- she can directly experience and modify the model throughout its construction according to her vision for the model.


In contrast to the products of traditional programming the models have an unusual quality of openness and continuous connection with personal experience. Empirical Modelling is not only a different approach to software development but also a kind of 'alternative computing' having significant and complementary contributions to make to many areas such as artificial intelligence, computer graphics, concurrent systems and educational technology.


The main hub of Empirical Modelling activity is in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Warwick, with both undergraduate and postgraduate students working on projects in a wide range of research areas. However, the nature of Empirical Modelling strongly encourages interdisciplinary research and we welcome collaborations with other researchers.


"`... the function of imagination is not to make strange things settled, so much as to make settled things strange; not so much to make wonders facts as to make facts wonders.”

G K Chesterton, The Defendant

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