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The latest version of this LightBox construal can be found here - it has been developed using the current version of JS-EDEN at which we are proposing to test and then deploy at SciFest 2015.

To exercise the construal, you click the buttons at the periphery to toggle on and off rays of light that originate from each 16 possible directions and locations disposed around the sides of the LightBox array. To change the configuration of mirrors, you can click on each of the 16 cells. The contents of a cell cycles through three possibilities - it can contain a forward facing mirror, a backfacing mirror or no mirror. The original prototype of the construal was slow - the new version is moe responsive, but you may need to allow time for it to respond to clicks when adjusting the mirror orientations.

A JSPE complement to the LightBox gives some initial reflections on possible activities and issues these raise! To load this, invoke the JSPE from a Project List in the JS-EDEN environment, copy-and-paste the JSPE source into the Input Window and press Submit.

The original version of this construal for the 'construit' variant of JS-EDEN can be loaded as follows:

  • load the visual representation of the Light Box that was developed by Jonny Foss. This can be found in the file visualLightBox.js-e, which you should copy-and-paste into the Input Window.
  • load the extension developed by WMB that models the rays of light that pass through the LightBox. This can be found in the file path3.js-e, which you should also copy-and-paste into the Input Window.