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Skeleton for Koli Calling submission

How easy can it be to program?

Introduction will outline how we propose to ddress this theme from several perspectives (each a small subsection of the paper - as bulleted below):

  • computer scientist / software and programming (Andres, Erkki, Mike J, Russell)
  • EM expert developer (EH, Jonny, WMB)
    • shopping construal - modelling the presentation of money quantities
  • educational expert (Hamish, Piet)
    • blackboard culture - big is beautiful?- "press release" with SBR critique
    • Qualities
      • integrated presentation and learner experiment
      • blending illustrated with EH and IJ electrical circuit models (exercise from Athens C14 Training Course for Teachers)
      • collaborative
  • learner (Chris Hall)
    • problem of referencing structure, as illustrated in the JSPE presentation associated with Hex Colouring (cf. brackets in Lisp)
    • How to tackle script development graphically (and not merely as in Scratch!)