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MCE mobile

Nick Pope has developed a variant of the MCE (referred to elsewhere as "JS-Eden2") that has a much simpler interface than either of the previous forms of the MCE (viz. the 'classic' form that was deployed at C2 in Athens in September 2015, and the much revised version introduced at C6 in Warwick in December 2015). (Better naming conventions are required for distinguishing these versions!). JS-Eden2 is more mobile-friendly, makes use of the SVG rather than the HTML Canvas library, has more concise syntax for scoping, different syntax for comments, and an interface that is based on assembling and organising scripts through devices for referencing, annotating and searching definitions. The implementation differs radically from that of JS-Eden in that it maintains the correspondence between active definitions and their associated syntactic forms. This leads to much more refined ways of managing definitions that is exploited in simplifying project management. In JS-Eden2, functions are introduced using scoping of definitions. This is not a limitation in principle, but many library functions from JS-Eden have yet to be re-engineered.