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Methodologies and Applications

Computational Neuroscience
Computational modelling for neuroscience, with a wide range of interests including molecular (LTP, LTD, hormone), neuron (abstract and biophysic), neuronal networks and behavioural (motor control).
Bioimage Analysis
Novel image analysis techniques, from multilateral filtering to 3-D scalable compression, with application to areas including digital pathology, cancer bioimaging and the alignment of multi-tag bioimages.
Systems and Synthetic Biology
Includes research on computational methods to better understand populations of cells, studies of the variations on the expression of genes and, using the knowledge of cells for cell modification and creation.
Research Degrees
The Department invites applications from qualified, enthusiastic candidates, both from the UK and abroad, to be part of our thriving research community.
MSc and PhD degrees ยป
Digital Forensics
Computational methods for forensic problems and cybercrime, including new approaches to machine learning, data mining, image analysis and criminal network inference.
Multimedia Processing and Computer Vision
Computational techniques associated with visual and audio media, from video compression to medical image processing.
Intelligent and Adaptive Systems
Innovative software technologies for areas including the social and semantic web, educational technology, and human-computer interaction.
Machine Learning and Text Mining
Includes theoretical frameworks for neural networks, probabilistic machine learning, spatio-temporal inference and Bayesian non-parametric methods, through to areas of practical application, such as urban science, computational sustainability and cancer risk assessment.