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Classification of Meningiomas

Meningiomas are tumours of the brain and nervous system. They account for 20% of all brain tumours. Mengiomas exist in three different grades of malignancy (WHO Grade I-III) most being benign (over 80%) but some showing an increased propensity to recurrence and rare cases being malignant. A meningioma at a later stage may develop into a mass of cells forming a protrusion against the brain that may cause damage to other brain cells due to limited space in the skull. It has a greater propensity of occurrence in an ageing population with very rare cases reported amongst children. Most benign WHO Grade I Meningiomas belong to one of the four subtypes, shown in the Figure below. The images were acquired by Mr Volkmar Hans at the Institute of Neuropathology, Bielefeld (Germany) using a Zeiss Axioskop 2 plus microscope fitted with a Zeiss Archoplan 40X 0,65 lens. As can be seen in the Figure, these images can have a high intra-class variation and low inter-class variation.

Meningioma sample 1

Fibrobastic sample 1

Transitional sample 1

Psammomatous sample 1

Meningioma sample 2

Fibroblsatic sample 2

Transitional sample 3

Psammomatous sample 2

Meningiotheliamatous Fibroblastic Transitional Psammomatous

In this project, we investigate methods for differentiating between the four subtypes of meningiomas. We have developed a robust and adaptive Wavelet Packets based representation that yields discriminant features for classification of a given meningioma image into one of the four subtypes.

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