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TIA Lab at Warwick: People


Clinical Affiliates

  • Prof Ian Cree (Head of the Tumor Classification Group, IARC, WHO, France)
  • Dr Hesham Eldaly (Consultant Histopathologist, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry)
  • Dr Kishore Gopalakrishnan (Consultant Histopathologist, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry)
  • Dr Ali Khurram (Senior Lecturer & Honorary Consultant Pathologist, School of Clinical Dentistry, University of Sheffield)
  • Dr Michael Khan (Warwick Medical School & Director of The Coronary Prevention and Dyslipidaemia Services, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry)
  • Prof Emad Rakha (University of Nottingham)
  • Prof David Snead (Director, Centre of Excellence in Digital Pathology, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry)
  • Dr Yee-Wah Tsang (Consultant Histopathologist, UHCW NHS Trust, Coventry)

Admin Support

  • Miss Hannah Blackburn (Coordinator)
  • Dr Chien-Hui Liao (Senior Project Manager)

Software & Systems

  • Mr John Euinton
  • Dr Young Saeng Park

Postdoctoral / Research Fellows

  • Amina Asif (funded by MRC)
  • Mohsin Bilal (funded by Innovate UK)
  • Simon Graham (funded by Innovate UK)
  • Nima Hatami (funded by MRC)
  • Wenqi Lu (funded by Innovate UK)
  • Adam Shephard (funded by CRUK)
  • Noor Wahab (funded by Innovate UK)

Graduate Students

  • Rawan Albusayli
  • Navid Alemi Koohbanani (funded by the ATI-Intel partnership)
  • Hammam Alghamdi
  • Ruqayya Awan (funded by the Chancellor's International Scholarship)
  • Ayesha Azam, FRCPath (funded by NIHR)
  • Saad Bashir
  • Muhammad Dawood
  • Srijay Deshpande
  • Jevgenij Gamper (funded by EPSRC/MRC MathSys CDT)
  • Gozde Gunesli Noyan
  • John Pocock
  • Muhammad Shaban (funded by EPSRC DTG)
  • Mary Shapcott
  • Dang Vu (funded by Royal Marsden Hospital)
  • Ruoyu Wang
  • Mieke Zwager (visiting MD/PhD student)


  • Dr Hadi Saki (Senior Research Fellow 2019-20; now at Digital Catapult London, UK)
  • Talha Qaiser (PhD, Apr 2019; now at Imperial College London, UK) Faculty Thesis Prize 2019
  • Dr Moazam Fraz (Rutherford Postdoc Fellow 2018-19)
  • Najah Alsubaie (PhD, Jan 2019; now an academic in KSA)
  • Dr Sajid Javed (Postdoctoral Fellow 2017-18)
  • Anna Lisowska (MPhil student, 2017-18)
  • Tzu-Hsi Song (PhD, Sep 2017; now at the Uni of Birmingham, UK)
  • Nicholas Trahearn (PhD, Dec 2016; now at the Institute of Cancer Research London, UK)
  • Korsuk Sirinukunwattana (PhD, Mar 2016; now at the Uni of Oxford, UK) Faculty Thesis Prize 2017
  • Guannan Li (PhD, Jan 2016; now CEO of a startup in China)
  • Violeta Kovacheva (PhD, Dec 2015; now at Wealth Wizards, UK)
  • Samuel Jefferyes (PhD, Jan 2015; now working in the City, UK)
  • Adnan Khan (PhD, 2014; previously at the Institute of Cancer Research London, UK) Faculty Thesis Prize 2015
  • Shan-e-Ahmed Raza (PhD, Feb 2014; now at the University of Warwick, UK)
  • PC Suraj Bangalore-Nagaraj (MRes 2011; now at GE Grid Solutions, UK)
  • Nerin George (MSc 2010; now at the United Nations)
  • Vinay Kalasannavar (MSc 2010; now at Dimensions, UK)
  • Khalid Masood (PhD 2010; now at the Lahore Garrison University, Pakistan)
  • Irfan Butt (MSc 2009; now at Ejada, KSA) Best Thesis Prize
  • Adnan Osmani (MRes 2009; now at Google)
  • Hammad Qureshi (PhD 2009; now at Philips, UK)
  • Zhen Yao (PhD 2007; now at Alibaba, China)