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Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science 2007

WPCCS'07 is an annual event held by the Department of Computer Science. The main aim is to bring together postgraduate researchers in the department. The event provides a unique opportunity to present work as well as find out what other researchers across the department are doing especially within other groups.

There will be limited number of 15 minute presentations at the event. Speakers will be selected from a set of submitted abstracts. All postgraduate researchers in the Department of Computer Science are strongly encouraged to submit an abstract. The abstracts will be combined into the WPCCS'07 volume. The volume will be made available at the event as well as an electronic copy shortly afterwards. An award of £100 is available for the best presentation.

All postgraduate researchers, academics from the Department of Computer Science or other departments, as well as other people interested the event are invited to attend. There is no registration fee.