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WPCCS07 Schedule

WPCCS07 - Morning 1, Day 1, 10:05 - 11:05

  1. A More Expressive Meta-Level for the LAG Adapation Language, Maurice Hendrix, Agents and Adapative Media
  2. A Scheduling Algorithm for Revenue Maximisation for Cluster-based Internet Services, James Xue, High Performance Systems Group
  3. Fear and Loathing: On Building a Model of the Amygdala, James Sinfield, BioInformatics

WPCCS07 - Morning 2, Day 1, 11:20 - 12:20

  1. Efficient Algorithms for Designing Weighted Voting Games, Haris Aziz, M. Paterson, D. Leech, Algorithms
  2. A Scheme of Cooperative Data Distribution in a Just in Time Mode for Grid-enabled Data Analysis Applications, Tongcheng Guo, High Performance Systems Group
  3. Parallel Image Processing MCMC, Jonathan Byrd, High Performance Systems Group

WPCCS07 - Afternoon 1, Day 1, 14:00 - 15:00

  1. Improving Agents' Adaption to Environmental Changes Using Trust and Reputation, Sarah Lim Choi Keung, Agents and Adapative Media
  2. Inferring Causal Network Structures in Biological Systems, Ritesh Krishna, BioInformatics
  3. Towards Accurate Performance Prediction using Semi-Automated Methods, Simon Hammond, High Performance Systems Group

WPCCS07 - Afternoon 2, Day 1, 15:20 - 16:20

  1. Experiments in Hyperspectral Samples of Colon Cancer Biopsies, Khalid Masood, Nasir Rajpoo, Image & Signal Processing
  2. Effective Extraction of Gabor Features for Adaptive Mammogram Retrieval, Chia-Hung Wei, Image & Signal Processing

WPCCS07- Morning 1, Day 2, 10:05 - 11:05

  1. Verification of Compiler Optimisations, Richard L.M. Warburton, Formal Methods
  2. Algorithm Engineering for Parallel Computing, Peter Krusche, Algorithms
  3. Context Aware and Adaptive Learning Schedule Tool, Jane Yau, Agents and Adaptive Media

WPCCS07 - Morning 2, Day 2, 11:20 - 12:20

  1. Partitionning of Contours and Space Filling Curves by Markov-Chain Monte Carlo Simulation, Daniel Valdes, Abhir Bhalerao, Image & Signal Processing
  2. Gene Expression Clustering, Yinyin Yina Yuan, Image & Signal Processing
  3. Quantitative Reachability Games over Timed Automata, Ashutosh Trivedi, Formal Methods
  4. A Lifetime Maximisation Algorithm, Fusheng Wang

WPCCS07 - Afternoon 1, Day 2, 14:00 - 15:00

  1. Multi-Resolution Plant Surface Modelling, Yu Song, Image & Signal Processing
  2. Solving Games on Hybrid Systems, Michal Rutkowski, Algorithms
  3. QMC: A Model Checker for Quantum Systems, Nick Papanikolaou

WPCCS07 - Social, 18:00