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WPCCS08 Schedule

The schedule for WPCCS08 is shown below, abstracts and slides can be downloaded by selecting the respective link. The video for each talk is available by clicking on the title.


Day 1 June 30th

Session 1, 09:30:00-11:10:00, June 30th, CS 104

Chaired by Haris Aziz


  1. Concept Adaptation Model CAM, [Abstract, Slides]
    Maurice Hendrix
  2. Local Shape Modelling for Brain Morphometry using Curvature Scale Space, [Abstract]
    Daniel Valdes and Abhir Bhalerao
  3. Performance Prediction and Procurement in Practice: Evaluating Commodity Cluster Components for Wavefront-Heavy Workloads, [Abstract]
    Simon Hammond, Gihan R. Mudalige, J.A. Smith, Stephen A. Jarvis
  4. Gland Extraction in Colon Histology images using MCMC, [Abstract]
    Khalid Masood
  5. Predictive Analysis of Pipelined Wavefront Codes Using a Re-usable Analytic Model, [Abstract]
    Gihan R. Mudalige, Stephen A. Jarvis

Session 2, 11:30:00-13:10:00, June 30th, CS 104

Chaired by Daniel Valdes


  1. Trust and Reputation Model for Agent-Based Systems, [Abstract, Slides]
    Sarah Lim Choi Keung
  2. Low Impact Profiling for Fun, Performance Modelling and Prophet, [Abstract]
    J.A. Smith
  3. To split or not to split? An investigation using computational complexity and game theory, [Abstract]
    Haris Aziz
  4. Detection and tracking of key scene features for estimating the dynamic geometry of a scene from multiple video streams, [Abstract]
    Thomas Popham
  5. Transforms and Pattern Recognition, [Abstract]
    Hammad Qureshi, Nasir Rajpoot, Roland Wilson

Session 3, 14:00:00-15:40:00, June 30th, CS 104

Chaired by Simon Hammond


  1. Dynamic Resource Allocation in Enterprise Systems, [Abstract]
    James Wen Jun Xue, Adam Chester, Stephen A. Jarvis
  2. Solving Mean Payoff Parity Games With Strategy Improvement, [Abstract]
    John Fearnley
  3. Hybrid games for controller synthesis, [Abstract]
    Michal Rutkowski
  4. A Bayes Random Field Approach for Integrative Large-Scale, [Abstract]
    Yinyin Yuan and Chang-Tsun Li
  5. A Geometric Quantification of the plant Endoplasmic Reticulum, [Abstract]
    Nacer Bouchekhima

Session 4, 16:00:00-17:20:00, June 30th, CS 104

Chaired by Hammad Qureshi


  1. A System for Dynamic Server Allocation in Application Server Clusters, [Abstract]
    Adam Chester, James Wen Jun Xue, Stephen A. Jarvis
  2. CONAN: A Framework for contextual recommendations based on augmented domain intelligence, [Abstract]
    Gbolahan Williams
  3. The coevolution of system and developer's understanding in practicing an Empirical Modelling approach to systems development: a case study on cricket simulation, [Abstract]
    Zhan En Chan
  4. SOA in Higher Education, [Abstract]
    Shanshan Yang

Day 2, July 1st

Session 5, 09:30:00-11:10:00, July 1st, CS 104

Chaired by Maurice Hendrix


  1. Causal Relationship Approach Comparison: Bayesian Network Inference and Granger Causality, [Abstract]
    Cunlu Zou
  2. Problems in Providing Declarative Integrity Constraints and Semantic Optimization in Database Systems, [Abstract, Slides]
    Adrian Hudnott
  3. A Business-Oriented Framework for Enhancing Web Services Security for e-Business, [Abstract]
    Jason R. C. Nurse
  4. Collaborative Adaptation Authoring and Social Annotation, [Abstract]
    Fawaz Ghali
  5. A self-regulated learning approch: A Mobile Context-aware and Adaptive Learning System (mCALS) tool, [Abstract]
    Jane Yau

Session 6, 11:30:00-13:10:00, July 1st, CS 104

Chaired by Jason Nurse


  1. Source Identification Using Color Interpolation, [Abstract]
    Yue Li
  2. Source Identification using Pattern Noise, [Abstract]
    Chih-Yuan Chang
  3. An Exploration of Correlative Elements to Support Cognitive Advancement in the Design of Collaborative Learning Tools, [Abstract]
    Shuangyan Liu
  4. Bisimulation and Congruence Relations for Communicating Quantum Processes, [Abstract, Slides]
    Tim Davidson
  5. Automated Taxonomy Generation for Summarizing Multi-type Relational Databases, [Abstract]
    Tao Li

Session 7, 14:00:00-15:20:00, July 1st, CS 104

Chaired by Fawaz Ghali


  1. String comparison by transposition networks, [Abstract, Slides]
    Peter Krusche
  2. Modelling Plant Growth from Stereo Images, [Abstract]
    Yu Song
  3. Average-Time Games on Timed Automata, [Abstract, Slides]
    Ashutosh Trivedi
  4. Statistical Techniques for Temporal Microarray Data Analysis (Best Talk, WPCCS08), [Abstract, Slides]
    Ritesh Krishna

Session 8, 15:40:00-17:00:00, July 1st, CS 104

Chaired by Nick Papanikolaou


  1. Automatic parallelisation of Python programs, [Abstract]
    Chris Lamb
  2. Formally expressing compiler transformations using TRANS, [Abstract, Slides]
    Rob Quill
  3. A model of rippling behaviour in Myxococcus xanthus, [Abstract]
    Antony Holmes
  4. Generating Compiler Optimisations, [Abstract, Slides]
    Richard Warburton

Absent (Presented at earlier date)

  1. Modelling with Dependency in an Operating Systems Context, [Abstract]
    Nicolas Pope