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WPCCS 2011 Programme

WPCCS 2011 will take place on 1st July 2011. The schedule of presentation for the event is shown below.

Time WPCCS11 Track 1 (CS1.01) WPCCS11 Track 2 (CS1.04)

Oliver Perks

WMTrace - A Lightweight Memory Allocation Tracker and Analysis Framework

Saba Khalil Toor

References and Citation: Is there a solution?


Ebrahim Ardeshir Larijani

Computational Search for Quantum Secret Sharing Protocols

Steven Wright

RIOT - A Parallel Input/Output Tracer


Jessica Smith

An Application Performance Modelling Tool

Matthew Leeke

A Methodology for the Generation of Efficient Error Detection Mechanisms

10:30-11:00 Coffee (Common Room)


Nadeem Chaudhary

Developing workload management strategies for computing systems under authorisation control

Matthew Felice Pace

Computational models for MapReduce


Charlotte Boden

Surface Reconstruction of Rotating Objects from Monocular Video

Maram al Zaidi

T-AOMDV – An investigation on Trusted Multipath routing in MANETs


Mohammed al Ghamdi

Dynamic Active Window Management: A method for improving revenue generation in Dynamic Enterprise Systems

Tristan Webb

Moving from mean-field based neural networks towards biology

12:30-14:00 Lunch (Common Room)


Shan-E-Ahmed Raza

Robust Alignment of multi-tag bioimages

Henry Franks

Manipulating convention emergence using influencer agents


Xingjie Wei

Face Recognition under Uncontrolled Conditions

James Davis

Predictive analysis of a hydrodynamics application on large-scale CMP clusters


Joshua Scotton

Towards a more expressive Adaptation Language

Xin Lu

Novel Schemes for Fast Implementation of Scalable Video Coding

15:30-16:00 Coffee (Common Room)


Malik Awan

Context-Aware Light-Weight Benchmarking for P2P Computing

Maryam Ghaffari Saadat

Distributed Allocation Mechanisms for Multi-Person Graphical Resource Sharing Games


Leigh Robinson

Computational Models of Vision

Jonathan Foss

Two Competing Approaches in Authoring Adaptive Hypermedia: MOT versus GAT

18:00- 19:00 WPCCS Meal (Bar Fusion, Rootes)