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Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science 2023

The Warwick Postgraduate Colloquium in Computer Science is an annual student-run conference aimed at showcasing all the research done by the PGR students working in the Department of Computer Science. The event is free for all participants. Staff is encouraged to attend as much of the event as possible, to provide valuable feedback to participants.

This year WPCCS is running 9am-5pm on Friday 24th March 2023 (the week after Term 2 ends), in the Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB) and online on MS Teams.

Registration is now open until 20/03/2023 (noon) and is available at link.

What is WPCCS?

WPCCS is a free day-long conference in which PhD students in the department get to show off their research to their peers. It's a chance to see what other students in the department are up to, improve your presentation skills and get valuable feedback on your work.

This year, there will be two kinds of talk:

  • Full talks, which are up to 15 minutes long (12 minutes for the talk, and 3 minutes for questions). These should present a novel result or method from your research.
  • Problem Exploration talks, which are up to 10 minutes long (8 minutes for the talk, and 2 minutes for questions). These are designed for early PhD students who do not yet have any novel work to present. These should present your area and interesting problems that you are looking at.

We will also have guest speakers talking about their work in longer-form talks, prizes will be given to the best talks, and food will be provided throughout the day!

Submission Information

PhD students who started their PhD before January 2023 are required to submit an abstract for a talk. Participating in WPCCS is a part of the annual review, so it is especially important for first-year students!

Since the move to Term 2 means that many first-year PhD students will have only been in the department for two terms by the conference, any first-year PhD students may submit abstracts for Problem Exploration talks rather than full talks.

Other PhD students are asked to submit abstracts for full talks. It is optional for fourth-year PhD students to submit abstracts, but we encourage them to present at the conference (if they have time!) to give early PhD students a chance to get familiar with their work.


Prizes will be awarded to the best presentation in each session. An additional prize will be awarded for the most creative presentation overall, voted on by all attendees! Each best presentation award is a £15 Amazon voucher, with a £20 Amazon voucher awarded to the most creative presentation.


The Department of Computer Science offers support and funding for this event.

Contact Details

For all inquiries, please contact the WPCCS 2023 Committee Chair at

Key Dates

Submissions Open: 12/01/2023

Submissions Close: 10/02/2023

Re-submission Close: 12/03/2023

Registration Open: 13/03/2023

Registration Close: 20/03/2023

Schedule Release: 13/03/2023

Event: 24/03/2023