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Common First Year for Computer Science Degrees 2013/14

The first year course for Computer Science, Computing Systems, and Computer and Management Science students provides an introduction to programming and computer systems, and incorporates basic mathematics of relevance to Computer Science.

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Students are required to take six core modules (90 CATS) and 30 CATS selected from the list of optional modules below.

Core Modules




CS118 Programming for Computer Scientists 1 15 E(60) A(40)
CS126 Design of Information Structures 2 15 E(50) A(50)
CS130 Mathematics for Computer Scientists I 1 15 E(80) A(20)
CS131 Mathematics for Computer Scientists II 2 15 E(80) A(20)
CS132 Computer Organisation and Architecture 1,2 15 E(60) A(40)
CS133 Professional Skills 1,2,3 15 A(100)

Optional Modules

CS134 Introduction to Computer Security 1,2 15 E(60) A(40)
CS139 Web Development Technologies * 2 15 E(50) A(50)
IB104 Mathematical Programming I 3 12 E(66) A(34)
PH121 Issues in Philosophy 1 12 E(100)
PH123 Elements of Scientific Method 3 6 E(100)
A Foreign Language   24/30  

* Not available as an unusual option in 2013/14

Modules from other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found at the following sites:

  • Department of Philosophy
  • Economics Department
  • Department of Statistics
  • Warwick Business School
  • Language Centre