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Fourth Year Computer Science MEng 2007/08

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates are required to take two core modules (45 CATS credits). At least 45 CATS credits must be selected from Option List A.


Core Modules




CS407 Group Project 1,2,3 30 A(100)
CS408 Software Lifecycle Management 2 15 E(60) A(40)

Optional Modules - List A

CS400 Advanced Specification Methods 2 15 E(60) A(40)
CS401 Advanced Compiler Design (not available 2007-8) NA 15 E(100)
CS402 High Performance Computing 2 15 E(70) A(30)
CS403 Multimedia Processing, Communications and Storage 1 15 E(80) A(20)
CS404 Agent Based Systems 1 15 E(50) A(50)
CS405 Introduction to Empirical Modelling 2 15 E(50) A(50)
CS406 Research Directions in Computing 1 15 E(50) A(50)
CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory 2 15 E(100)
CS410 Modelling and Algorithmic Analysis of Systems 1 15 E(60) A(40)

Optional Modules - List B

CS904 Computational Biology 1 15 E(50) A(50)
CS905 Computing Technologies for Education (not available 2007-8) NA 15 E(50) A(50)
CS906 Computing Security (not available 2007-8) NA 15 E(70) A(30)

CG351 Digital Signal Processing (not available 2007-8)

NA 15 E(80) A(20)
CG354 VLSI Architectures and Algorithms (not available 2007-8) NA 15 E(100)
CS301 Complexity of Algorithms 1 15 E(100)
CS313 Mobile Robotics (not available 2007-8) NA 15 E(80) A(20)
CS319 Theory of Databases 1 15 E(100)
CS321 Current Uses of Computers 1 15 A(100)
CS324 Computer Graphics 2 15 E(100)
CS325 Compiler Design 1 15 E(100)
CS328 Artificial Intelligence 2 15 E(75) A(25)
CS329 Efficient Parallel Algorithms 2 15 E(100)
CS330 History of Computing 1 15 E(80) A(20)
CS331 Neural Computing 2 15 E(80) A(20)
CS332 Programming Language Design and Semantics (not available 2007-08) NA 15 E(100)
CS333 Design of Dependable Systems 1 15 E(70) A(30)
CS341 Advanced Topics in Algorithms 2 15 E(100)


Prescribed Coursework

Prescribed coursework is required for CS407 and CS408.

Modules from the School of Engineering

More information on modules taught by the School of Engineering can be found at