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Data Analytics MSc 2018/19

General information and guidance about the course is available in the handbook (local access only).

Students are required to take a load of 180 CATS credits. All students must take five core modules totaling 120 CATS, along with an additional 60 CATS from the optional list below.

Please note - Optional modules coded ES* and IM* are offered by external departments and places on these modules cannot be guaranteed. It is, therefore, important to register for these modules in-person with Sharon Hayes in the Department of Computer Science as soon as you arrive.

Information about applying for this course is also available.


Core Modules




CS908 Research Methods 1 15 A(100)
CS909 Data Mining 2 15 E(40) A(60)
CS910 Foundations of Data Analytics 1 15 E(50) A(50)
CS913 Dissertation Project (MSc Data Analytics) 2, 3 & Summer 60 A(100)
CS917 Foundations of Computing 1 15 A(100)

Optional Modules

CS402 High Performance Computing 2 15 E(70) A(30)
CS404 Agent Based Systems 2 15 E(50) A(50)
CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory 2 15 E(80) A(20)
CS413 Image and Video Analysis 1 15 E(70) A(30)
CS912 Sensor Networks and Mobile Data Comms 2 15 E(60) A(40)
CS915 Advanced Computer Security 1 15 E(70) A(30)
CS916 Social Informatics 2 15 E(70) A(30)
CS918 Natural Language Processing 1 15 E(70) A(30)
ES4C8 Signal and Image Processing1 1 15 E(80) A(20)
ES4C4 Optical Communication Systems1 2 15 See course details
ES4D2 Antenna, Propagation and Wireless Communications Theory1 1 15 See course details
ES96T Advanced Wireless Systems and Networks1 2 15 See course details
ES4E7 Information Theory and Coding1 1 15 See course details
IM913 Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science2 1 15 See course details
IM919 Urban Data - Theory and Methodology2 1 15 See course details
IM921 Visualisation2 2 15 See course details


1This is provided by the School of Engineering.

2This is provided by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies. These courses require in-person registration and places are limited. Please see Sharon Hayes for advice.