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Fourth Year Discrete Mathematics MEng 2026/27

Candidates must have obtained an overall average of at least 55% in Year 3 in order to proceed to Year 4 of the DM MEng course. Candidates who fail to meet this requirement will be considered for a BSc in Discrete Mathematics.

The normal load is 120 CATS credits. Candidates for Honours are required to take at least 30 CATS credits from List A. At least 90 CATS credits must be CS-, MA-, ST-coded (including List A). Up to 30 CATS permissible as unusual options.

NOTE: In the third and fourth years combined, candidates are required to take at least 120 CATS credits of modules coded 4**. If candidates have not taken any level 4** in previous years and wish to take a module coded 3**, they can do so but will be required to overcat.

Optional Modules - List A

Code Name Term CATS Credits
CS404 Agent Based Systems TBC 15
CS409 Algorithmic Game Theory TBC 15
CS418 Advanced Topics in Algorithms and Complexity TBC 15
CS419 Quantum Computing TBC 15
MA4J3 Graph Theory TBC 15
ST419 Advanced Topics in Data Science TBC 15

Optional Modules - List B

Code Name Term CATS Credits
Modules selected from level 4 modules delivered by Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. The modules approved by the Course Director for study in 2026-27 academic year will be agreed with contributing departments in Spring 2026. To be considered for enrolment on other modules the unusual options process must be followed. (Note - CS407 is not available as an option/unusual option).

Modules from Other Departments

More information on modules taught by other departments can be found in the Module Catalogue: