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Progress Report

The progress report is a fairly brief written document submitted around half way through your project. It is marked by your supervisor and counts for 10% of the total module credit. The intention of this report is to ensure that your work is progressing well, that your plans are feasible, and that the timetable for remainder of your project is realistic and likely to lead to successful completion.

The exact length and format of the report should be discussed with your supervisor but it should not exceed 3000 words (excluding bibliography). Your report may include any figures and tables as appropriate.

Submission procedure

Submission will be on Tabula and you will be required to submit a single PDF document.

Assessment criteria

The following criteria will be used by the assessors in marking your progress report. Marks will be awarded using the University's 20-point mark scale - see

Technical content:

  • The application of the core and specialism knowledge and skills to meet the outcomes in the standard
  • Student is well read in the project's subject area.
  • Effective analysis of problems and issues.
  • Quality of design work.
  • Good choice of methods and tools.

Project management:

  • Well conceived project
  • Unforeseen problems well detected and overcome.
  • Progress consistent with the project specification.
  • All necessary research, analysis and design work completed.
  • Work for next term is well planned out.

Communication skills:

  • The application of behaviours from the standard.
  • Basic written language skills such as spelling and grammar.
  • Effective composition and exposition.
  • Report is of an appropriate length for your particular project.


There is some additional information as to how you might approach the progress report and what you might include.

The timing of the progress report allows you to obtain verbal feedback through discussion with your supervisor to help guide the remainder of the project. You should make sure you see your supervisor shortly after feedback is released to discuss issues arising, particularly those which influence the direction of your project.

Example undergraduate progress reports are available at These reports reflect a term structure not relevant for Degree Apprenticeship projects, but they do provide a good example of the types of report we are expecting.