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Project Report

The final report is submitted at the end of July and counts for 60% of the overall credit for the project. It is marked by an independent assessor and your supervisor, and then moderated by the Director of Degree Apprenticeships.

The final report is not eligible for self-certification.

Report format

The length of the report should be no more than 15,000 words (excluding appendices). Check the format page for further details of the requirements for the document's format.

Submission procedure

An electronic copy must be submitted online using Tabula. It should be called "project.pdf" and be in PDF format.

The source code for a project must be submitted. There may also be additional documents which you would like to submit but which are independent from your report (for example, technical documentation). The deadline is the same as for the report.

You should submit the material as an additional zip file on Tabula. You must NOT place the report file "project.pdf" inside this zip file.

The term source code is used here to refer to all software source that you have written which could include programming language source (e.g. Java), scripts (e.g. Perl), make files, interfaces, etc. Please note that documents submitted should generally either be plain text files (including source code files) or in PDF format. Sometimes there may be additional files required by your system that are of a different format and it is fine to include them too. Assessors want to inspect your source code so it is essential that you make clear how it is to be accessed. You should therefore include a README providing all necessary explanation.

The assessors may also wish to run your program, subject to having suitable equipment and software requirements available. You should include clear instructions how to run the program, and if external libraries or files are required these must either be included, or instructions provided on how to access them. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please discuss with your supervisor or the module organiser.

Your report will be checked using the Turnitin plagiarism detection tool. Your code may also be submitted to a source code plagiarism detection tool.

Assessment criteria

The project's assessors are asked to grade the final report using each of the following criteria where it is felt to be appropriate. Marks will be awarded using the University's 20-point mark scale - see

  • Technical Content:

    • The application of the core and specialism knowledge and skills to meet the outcomes in the standard
    • Use of reference and other information sources.
    • Problem solving methodologies and tools.
    • Effective problem analysis.
    • Innovative design.
    • Technical achievement.
    • Critical and fair discussion of the subject matter.
  • Project Management:

    • Well conceived and specified project.
    • Effort and motivation.
    • Organisation and professionalism.
  • Communication Skills:

    • The application of behaviours from the standard.
    • All components present.
    • Chapters well designed.
    • Language and technical writing skills.
    • Composition.
    • Software and hardware documentation.
    • Readability.
    • Appropriate length.

More information

There is some additional information as to how you might approach the final report and what you might include.

Example undergraduate final year reports are available at These reports are slightly longer than the Degree Apprenticeship reports and will not have a section regarding how the project meets the skills and technical knowledge outlined in the standard, but they do provide a good example of the types of report we are expecting.