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CS140 Computer Security

This module covers basic theory and practice of computer security, and comes in two parts.

Part 1: Introduction to Basic Computer Security

This part of the module covers the important fundamental concepts required to understand and to work with security. This will cover a number of important concepts in the area of security — for example, a brief history, security and security threats, practical measures (eg: identification, authentication, audit trails), security models, basics of cryptography, network security

Part 2: Detailed Investigation of Security in Practice

This part of the module gives students the opportunity to explore computer system security via "hands-on" activities. Current issues relating to security will be discussed (the exact topics chosen will vary depending on recent developments in the field). As an example, the area of secure email might be considered, investigating the challenges posed, the actual threats and attacks that have occurred, what can be done/has been done to secure email (PGP, PEM, X.400, S/MIME), aspects of use of cryptography in securing email, etc.

15 CATS (7.5 ECTS)
Term 1

Dr Ligang He


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