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CS324 Computer Graphics

This course is a solid introduction to computer graphics, from how we see, display devices, and how computer graphics are generated by modern graphics processing units (GPUs).

With plenty of visual examples and demos, the lectures covers, step-by-step:

  • the graphic generation process and viewing geometry
  • three-dimensional objects,
  • parametric representations such as spline curves and surfaces,
  • display lists and drawing primitives
  • rasterisation onto a two-dimensional frame-buffer

On the way, we look at how realism is achieved by the clever use of texture-mapping and the approximation of lighting and shading, including shadow generation. We also look at ray-casting techniques, global illumination and volume rendering.

The course will assume you have some background in vector and linear algebra.

viewer.gif colorhead.jpeg shadowvol.gif

15 CATS (7.5 ECTS)
Term 1

Dr Shan Raza


Online material