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SCEPTREplus ornamentals webinar

SCEPTREplus outcomes for ornamental crops

Webinar - Thursday, 29th September 2022, 2pm - 4pm

Join us for this webinar where you will learn about the new crop protection solutions for ornamental crops identified by the very successful 5 year SCEPTREplus programme funded by AHDB and by contributions from crop protection companies.
The SCEPTREplus programme delivered new sustainable plant protection products for use in crops across horticulture. It focussed on high priority disease, pest and weed problems in order to support the approval of products and develop integrated pest management programmes.
The SCEPTREplus programme ended on 31st March 2022 and a round up of its outcomes for ornamental crops will be shared through the presentations below delivered by experienced crop protection scientists.

Outline Agenda

  • Welcome – Wayne Brough, Horticultural Trades Association
  • Introduction to the SCEPTREplus programme – Debbie Wilson, AHDB

 Disease control

Catherine Eyre (RSK ADAS Ltd)

  • Developments with foliar disease control in ornamentals (SP33, SP32, SP47)
  • Foliar disease control in narcissus (SP42)

Joanna McTigue (AHDB)

  • Fusarium in narcissus (SP45) – Jo

 Pest control

Jude Bennison (RSK ADAS Ltd)

  • Developments with key pest control – aphid, WFT and TSSM (SP56, SP15, SP61)
  • Other pests – sciarid and leafhopper (SP23, SP58)

 Weed control

 David Talbot (RSK ADAS Ltd)

  • Update for narcissus (SP18)
  • Update for cut flowers (SP30)
  • Interaction between herbicide and growing media type (SP53)

Associated work at the Cut Flower Centre

Selchuk Kurtev (Cut Flower Centre)

  • Peony herbicides and downy mildew on column stocks
  • Questions and summing up - Wayne Brough

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Subsequent webinars will focus on protected edibles, fruit and a final webinar on best practice/use of biologicals/future direction of research. Recordings from the webinar on field vegetables are here.

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