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Resources for Environmental Research

The Wellesbourne site provides plenty of opportunities for studies on soils, plants and invertebrates.

Our facilities include:

  • Countryside Stewardship Scheme (CSS) including 20 hectares of arable reversion with full soil history, sown with various grass mixes inviting ecological and environmental studies: hedgerow management: Pollen and nectar mix areas: bird feeding areas: 2m and 6 m grass margins: farm yard pond with great crested newts (EPS)
  • 14 hectares of land in permanent grassland located in small meadows next to the River Dene (managed as set-aside)
  • Entry Level Stewardship Scheme including maintenance of traditional farmyard buildings: half ditch management: field corner management: beetle banks: protected in-field trees including 3 black poplar.

If you are interested in accessing our facilities please contact

Research expertise:

Rob Lillywhite

Rob Lillywhite - Ecosystem Services.

Gary Bending

Gary Bending - Carbon cycling and storage in soil, mycorrhizas and beneficial organisms to improve crop growth, pesticide behaviour and fate in soil.

Elizabeth Wellington

Elizabeth Wellington - Population ecology of soil bacteria, unravelling mechanisms controlling responses to key environmental signals.

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Farming Systems

Farming systems


Soil microbial diversity