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currant lettuce aphid
green lettuce
Lettuce shelf life

Consumers and producers are demanding high quality salad crops produced with minimal impact on the environment. We use multidisciplinary approaches and specialist resources to apply fundamental plant science to enhance yield and quality.

Genetic Studies and Genomic Resources

  • The Genetic Resources Unit maintains 1700 lettuce accessions including 230+ accessions of related wild species. Seed is available on request for research, breeding and educational purposes.
  • The Vegetable Genetic Improvement Network (VeGIN) is a Defra-funded project to bring together research focused on key vegetable crops. The Network encourages collaborations between industry and researchers to address how genetic improvement of crop varieties can contribute to a sustainable increase in food production to meet the twin challenges of food security and climate change. Research on lettuce focuses on: putative sources of resistance to Nasonovia ribisnigri, genetic analysis of nitrate accumulation in lettuce, genetic analysis of post harvest discolouration.

  • Delaying bolting in lettuce

 Integrated Pest and Disease Management