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Meeting on bean seed fly 8th December 2021

The management of bean seed fly has been causing considerable concern for growers over the last few years. The main reason for the concern is the loss, or imminent loss, of insecticidal seed treatments, since to date this method of applying insecticides has been the most effective. Several organisations are working on the problem and at a meeting for growers and agronomists on 8th December 2021, some of their recent activities were presented and discussed. The approaches investigated represent several components of a developing IPM strategy. Becky Howard (PGRO), Becca McGowan and Rosemary Collier (Warwick Crop Centre), Bruce Napier (NIAB) and Max Newbert (Syngenta) gave presentations. Becca is a PhD student at Warwick Crop Centre funded jointly by the AHDB, PGRO and the University of Warwick.

Becca McGowan - The Biology and Integrated Management of the Bean Seed Fly (Warwick Crop Centre, University of Warwick)

Becky HowardCultural management and monitoring of bean seed fly (PGRO)

Bruce NapierProvisional results from AHDB Horticulture Strategic Centres for Field Vegetables FV 462 - Onion Bean Seed Fly Trial 2021 (NIAB)

Max Newbert - Investigating potential chemical control measures for bean seed fly (Syngenta)

Recording of the meeting.