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Student Support & Welfare

The Department of Physics is committed to the wellbeing of our students. We hope that all students have a rewarding and enjoyable experience here, however we recognise that there may be times when it seems overwhelming, stressful or isolating.

There may be times during your studies when you need to speak to someone about an issue, no matter how big, or small.

Signs and symptoms of mental health and welfare issues include:

  • Thoughts- difficulty concentrating; disruptive, interrupted or racing thoughts; difficulty making decisions; negative thinking; lack of self belief
  • Feelings- reduced self worth; prolonged sadness; rapid mood changes; anxiety; panic; increased irritability; feelings of being overwhelmed or out of control
  • Behaviour- lack of motivation; being tearful; less active; disorganisation; social withdrawal; difficulty falling or staying asleep; poor work/life balance; agitation
  • Physical- fatigue; lethargy; tremors or palpitations; difficulty breathing; weight loss or gain; lack of appetite

The University provides a range of support services, which includes among other things:

The University of Warwick Health Centre provides General Practitioner (GP) services to patients registered with them. Students and staff of the University (and their spouse and children) can register providing they are resident on campus or within the catchment area. In a medical emergency the doctors will also see non-registered students.

  • Counselling Service - who deal with personal, psychological and emotional issues.
  • The Dean of Students - who has general responsibility for all aspects of student welfare. Students consult them on issues such as accommodation, study skills, academic issues, harassment, conflicts/disagreements, financial difficulties, appeals and disciplinary charges.
  • Disability Services - offer support and guidance to all students with disabilities.

To complement the services provided in the Physics Department and the Senior Tutor's office the Students Union has an advice and welfare office which has considerable experience of dealing with students' problems.

PGR Hardship Funds are available to help postgraduate students who have serious financial difficulties. Full and part-time students paying home fees and who have been ordinarily resident in the British Islands for the three years immediately before the start of their studies are eligible to apply. You will need to show genuine financial hardship and that you have explored all other ways of supporting yourself. All applications are considered on an individual basis, following an informal and confidential interview with a Student Financial Adviser. Priority for funding is given to students with dependant children and students with disabilities.

Harassment- Dignity at Warwick

The Department's policy on bullying, harassment and dignity at work can be found here.

The University of Warwick is committed to ensuring a working and learning environment in which all staff and students are treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and where bullying and harassment are not tolerated. You can find the University's Dignity at Warwick policy and information on Report + Support .

In cases of bullying, please contact one or more of the following people:

  • Mark Newton (Head of Department)
  • Elizabeth Stanway (Director of Graduate Studies)
  • Helen Murray (Educational Support Services Manager)
  • Rosalind Johnstone (Postgraduate Programmes Officer)

You may wish to get support or advice first, the following gives an idea of sources of support within the University;