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Azib Norazman

I am a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick. My supervisor is Grant Kennedy. My research works on developing and refining new methodologies to detect exocomets.

I completed my MSc in Physics at UCL (2019-2020) and my BSc in Physics at Queen Mary, University of London (2016-2019).


Exocomets are icy bodies that live in systems other than our own Solar System, and in recent years, there have been a small number of stars that have shown signs of analogues of our Solar system comets due to the unique dips in their transits. The most convincing evidence of this so far is that of Beta Pictoris (Zieba et al. 2019). Similar systems such as KIC 3542116 and KIC 11084727 (Rappaport et al. 2018) have also been detected, boosting the motivation to detect the potential presence of exocomets. The significance of exocomet discovery will allow us to understand the possible remnants of planet formation and the evolution of extrasolar systems, tracing back their processes through time.

An automated method to detect comet-like transits was developed by Kennedy et al. 2018, which used Kepler data in the main analysis. As newer missions such as TESS will provide more data about younger stars with various astrophysical variability, the search for exocomets will extend towards stars that are 30-100 times brighter than Kepler, and over an all-sky survey. It is natural that further development of this algorithm is essential, and will be the current part of this PhD for the next several months.

My other research interests include the search for faint binary systems with spectroscopic data. This research comes from my MSc thesis on using PolyChord nested sampling towards the development of the Gaia DR4 pipeline with Dr George Seabroke and Dr Pablo Lemos.

Other Work

I have a keen interest in Earth Observation (EO), and am currently the Earth Observation Analyst for an SME on a series of low-cost satellites for the scientific and industrial communities. Before starting my PhD, I was an EO Data Scientist with the University of Leicester where I used machine learning to quantify aboveground biomass to monitor the performance of carbon offsets.

I am also interested in the safety and sustainability of satellite operations, and am a member of Warwick's Centre for Space Domain Awareness.


I was a Course Rep for MSc Physics at UCL, where I worked closely with the department to build the graduate experience for the postgraduate students.

I was a committee member of Queen Mary’s Physics Society, PsiStar, for two years, becoming the President in 2018-2019. I led an international trip to visit ESA ESTEC in the Netherlands and introduced multiple new initiatives to the society. The society won the SU's “Academic Society of the Year” for both years I was involved.

When time (and conditions) allow, I am a keen traveller and photographer. My photography portfolio (still in the works) can be found hereLink opens in a new window. I also enjoy playing and watching football, tennis, and motor racing (and I have raced in a Formula Ford!).


  • Institute of Physics (Associate Member)
  • Royal Astronomical Society (Fellow)
  • European Astronomical Society


  • ESCAPE Summer School - Data Science in Astrophysics and Particle Physics: June 2021
  • Sagan Workshop - Circumstellar Disks and Young Planets: July 2021
  • TESS Science Conference 2: Aug 2021
  • STFC Summer School: Aug/Sept 2021
  • The Alan Turing Institute - Research Software Engineering Workshop: Jan 2022

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Azib Norazman,
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL

Contact details:

E-Mail: azib.norazman[at]