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Ben Warwick

I am a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick. My supervisor is Joe Lyman.


My current work is focused on automating the follow up of transients identified by the Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observatory. I am currently working on investigating how we can identify if a transient detected by GOTO is an interesting target worth following up. To do this I’m looking to use to obtain colour and/or rise time information of the transient. With this information I want to see if the objects type can be identified. To this end I am investigating the application of deep learning to this process to see if it can identify ways to classify the objects from such information.

Another area of interest for me is in obtaining and making use of observations shortly after a supernova (SN)
has exploded to probe its evolution at early times. A particular interest within this is what observations of the
interaction between the SN ejecta and circumstellar material can tell us about the end of life mass loss of the


I demonstrate the A3: Radio Astronomy lab at the University of Warwick. I demonstrate to 2nd year undergraduate students, taking them through making radio observations to measure the galactic rotation curve.


  • The Fleming Survey: High‑cadence Survey for Variable Stars in the Northern Galactic Plane Aleks Scholz, Ben Warwick, Thomas van Aalten, Research Notes of the American Astronomical Society 5.10 (Oct. 2021) p. 245. 2021

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Ben Warwick,
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL

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Office: A1.23 (Millburn House)