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Ashley Chrimes

I am a PhD student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick. My supervisors are Elizabeth Stanway and Andrew Levan.


My research looks at the environments and progenitors of extragalactic transients, in particular gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) - the most luminous electromagnetic events in the Universe. By studying the host galaxies where these explosions occur, we learn about the stellar populations and conditions which are capable of producing them. GRBs show great variety in terms of their duration, lightcurves, isotropic energy and spectral shapes (manifesting as short, long, ultra long, low luminosity, dark bursts and more). The study of GRB environments continues to prove invaluable in determining the origin of this variety. I am also working on identifying progentior pathways of supernovae and GRBs in BPASS (, and exploring the consquences of matching BPASS rate predictions to observations.


Chrimes et al. (2018): "Investigating a population of infrared-bright gamma-ray burst host galaxies"

Conference Talks & Posters

Poster - The Host Galaxies of Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts: Insights from Chandra and HST (European Week of Astronomy and Space Science/National Astronomy Meeting, Liverpool, April 2018). You can find the poster here.

Talk - Investigating a Population of Infrared-Bright GRB Host Galaxies (National Astronomy Meeting, University of Hull, July 2017)


I participate in a number of outreach activities, including planetarium events at the University and local schools, departmental open days at the University, and a Christmas public lecture in 2016.

Start date: Oct 2016, STFC Grant Code: 1763016

A member of the RAS and IOP

Ashley Chrimes

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Ashley Chrimes,
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