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Ben Cooke

I am a Research Fellow in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick working in the Centre for Space Domain Awareness (CSDA).

In this work I am involved in developing a GPU-assisted pipeline to detect satellites and debris in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

I completed my PhD here at Warwick under the supervision of Prof. Don Pollacco, looking at the simulation, detection and characterisation of monotransits from the TESS mission (Thesis).



First author (most recent first)
  • Resolving period aliases for TESS monotransits recovered during the extended mission - Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco, David R. Anderson et al. (MNRAS 2020)

  • SpecPhot: A Comparison of Spectroscopic and Photometric Exoplanet Follow-Up Methods - Benjamin F. Cooke and Don Pollacco (MNRAS 2020)
  • Two transiting hot Jupiters from the WASP survey: WASP-150b and WASP-176b - Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco, Y. Almleaky et al. (AJ 2020)

  • CHEOPS observations of TESS primary mission monotransits - Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco, Monika Lendl et al. (MNRAS 2020)

  • An examination of the effect of the TESS extended mission on southern hemisphere monotransits - Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco and Daniel Bayliss (A&A 2019)
  • Single site observations of TESS single transit detections - Benjamin F. Cooke, Don Pollacco, Richard West et al. (A&A 2018)
Co-author (selected papers, most recent first)
  • An Ultra-Hot Neptune in the Neptune Desert - James S. Jenkins, Matías R. Díaz, Nicolás T. Kurtovic et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (Nature Astronomy 2020)
  • NGTS-11 b (TOI-1847 b): A Transiting Warm Saturn Recovered from a TESS Single-transit Event - Samuel Gill, Peter J. Wheatley, Benjamin F. Cooke et al. (ApJ 2020)
  • NGTS-10b: The shortest period hot Jupiter yet discovered - James McCormac, Edward Gillen, James A. G Jackman et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (MNRAS 2019)
  • Mass determinations of the three mini-Neptunes transiting TOI-125 - L. D. Nielsen, D. Gandolfi, D. J. Armstrong et al. (inc. B. F. Cooke) (MNRAS 2020)
  • A remnant planetary core in the hot Neptunian desert - David J. Armstrong, Théo A. Lopez, Vardan Adibekyan et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (Nature 2020)
  • TOI-222: a single-transit TESS candidate revealed to be a 34-d eclipsing binary with CORALIE, EulerCam, and NGTS - Monika Lendl, François Bouchy, Samuel Gill et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (MNRAS 2020)
  • A long period (P = 61.8-d) M5V dwarf eclipsing a Sun-like star from TESS and NGTS - Samuel Gill, Benjamin F. Cooke, Daniel Bayliss et al. (MNRAS 2020)
  • HD 213885b: A transiting 1-day-period super-Earth with an Earth-like composition around a bright (V=7.9) star unveiled by TESS - Néstor Espinoza, Rafael Brahm, Thomas Henning et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (MNRAS 2019)
  • NGTS and WASP photometric recovery of a single-transit candidate from TESS - Samuel Gill, Daniel Bayliss, Benjamin F. Cooke et al. (MNRAS 2019)
  • NGTS-4b: A sub-Neptune Transiting in the Desert - Richard G. West, Edward Gillen, Daniel Bayliss et al. (inc. Benjamin F. Cooke) (MNRAS 2019)

For a full list see NASA/ADS

        Posters and Talks

        • Monotransits in TESS - Predicted Yield and Early Results (UKEXOM19)
        • NGTS Follow-up of TESS Single Transits (PLATO ESP 2019)

        Write to:

        Ben Cooke,
        Department of Physics,
        University of Warwick,
        Coventry CV4 7AL

        Contact details:

        E-Mail: Benjamin.Cooke(at)
        Office: F43 (Millburn House)