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The summer school was themed around Gravitational wave detection. It covered the physics of Gravitational wave detectors and how they will be improved in the future. We created simulations of gravitational wave detectors using finesse, from this workshop we were able to predict the different noise types the detector experiences.

The other half of the summer school centred around the astrophysical sources, compact binary mergers. Starting with basic general relativity and going into more detailed physics, with the end goal of estimating parameters such as black hole mass and sky localisation. Finally, seeing the electromagnetic counterpart and the challenges faced when looking for them.

We had weekend activities arranged as well. On the Saturday, we had a tour around the castle and cathedral then a visit to the local aquarium (that had meerkats!) Sunday, we played pitch and put golf at the Himalayas. There was also a whisky tasting session, which turned out to be very informative.


Graviational Wave Poster (549KB)