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Ingrid Pelisoli

I am an assistant professor and Royal Society University Research Fellow in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick, where I work primarily with the White Dwarf Research Group. My main research interests are white dwarf and hot subdwarf stars, particularly in close binary systems. I was a co-organiser of the seminar series Online Meetings on Evolved Stars and Systems (O-MESS), and have previously acted as head of the 4MOST Infrastructure Working Group 6, Data Curation and Data Release

My research goal is to understand how binary interaction can affect the final stages in the life of a star. Binaries are abundant – our lonely Sun is actually an exception: most stars with one solar mass or above are part of a binary system. Around a quarter of those will interact during their lifetime, giving rise to astrophysical phenomena not witnessed by single stars. From objects with extremely low masses to massive supernova explosions, binary interaction has a crucial role in shaping our Universe.

My work is focused on searching and characterising objects that are remarkable binary evolution outcomes. Using data from public large surveys, I identify potentially interesting objects based on their observed characteristics, such as photometric variability, high radial velocity shifts, or an unexpected location in the HR diagram. I then perform follow-up observations to further characterise these objects. The derived observed properties help us better understand the physics of binary evolution.

You can find a two-page CV in this link. For a complete CV, click here.

A complete list of publications, including metrics, can be found in my public ADS library.

Visit my personal webpage for more information on my research and outreach projects.

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Ingrid Pelisoli,
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