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Grant Kennedy

I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow who works on various theoretical and observational aspects of planet formation and the end results – planets and debris disks – as seen around nearby stars.

Among other topics, I have recently worked on transiting dust populations, what debris disks may tell us about the alignment of orbits in stellar and planetary systems, and the possible impact of exo-Zodiacal dust on future missions to image Earth-like planets around other stars. See my other website for more details.

I am involved in many collaborations, including ongoing surveys such as LBTI HOSTS and NaCo ISPY.

PhD projects

I don't currently have specific funding in place for PhD studentships (i.e. starting ~Oct 2020), but there are other opportunities such as the Warwick Chancellor's International Scholarship. A possible project is to search for transiting exocomets in Kepler, K2, and TESS data (e.g. see this paper).


I am always happy to support fellowship applications, such as those offered by the Royal Society (Newton), and the Royal Astronomical Society.

Summer students

If you're interested in getting some experience with a view to a future in research, have been doing very well in your studies, have some experience of computer codes such as python, and any of the above topics look interesting, please contact me directly. Some of the details about how this works can be found on the URSS site.


Write to:

Grant Kennedy,
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL

Contact details:

Office: PS0.12