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Here you can find information about courses that I currently teach, or have taught previously, along with some resources (mostly typeset lecture notes). Student's please note that for current courses all course material is delivered via moodle, and you should look there. Slides for individual lectures and the lecture capture system is also linked from each module moodle page (for external viewers, I'm afraid moodle isn't visible to you).

Undergraduate Physics

PX389 - Cosmology

This is a 15 lecture third-year course that I developed and delivered from 2017-2015. My typeset lecture notes can be found here.

PX444 - The Distant Universe

This is a 15 lecture fouth-year Masters level course, developed and delivered in 2015 and 2018. Typeset notes are here.

PX271 - Global Warming

I delivered PX271 from 2009-2012, before replacing it with "The Challenges of Climate Change" (see below).

Undergraduate projects

I regularly supervise undergraduate projects, both as BSc and MPhys final year projects and through the Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Scheme (URSS). Some examples of the projects I have set over the years include:

  • The locations of ultraluminous X-ray sources
  • The host galaxies of cosmic explosions
  • New ways measure of the duration of gamma-ray bursts
  • The relativistic tidal disruption event Swift J2058+0516

If you are interested in research projects with me then please do come and talk to me about them.

Physics Skills/laboratories

Here you can find some slides about "How to write a lab report" here. 

Interdisciplinary course on "The Challenges of Climate Change"

I developed this course with Prof David Mond (Mathematics) for delivery in 2013. You can find some lecture notes relating to the science base and uncertainty here and here. Due to other commitments, I currently do not coordinate this course but continue to teach on it. Here you can find slides and notes relating to;

1) Paleoclimate and basic climate science (  slides,   notes)

2) Forcing and feedbacks (  slides,   notes)

3) Uncertainty in climate change ( slides, seminar sheet)


I also co-ordinate Warwick Astronomy postgraduate teaching as part of the Midlands Physics Alliance (MPAGS). Please see the MPAGS website for more information.