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  • Nationality: Chilean

  • Marital status: Married





  • 2010-2014 PhD in Astrophysics student. Warwick University.

  • Thesis: Orbital Parameters Estimation for Compact Binary Stars.
  • 2008-2009 Msc in Science, mention Physics and Astronomy. Universidad Católica del Norte. /fac/sci/physics/research/astro/people/longapea/tesis_imaging_indirecto.pdf

  • Thesis: Indirect imaging of a sample of cataclysmic variable stars.

  • 2002-2008 Licentiate in Physics, mention Astronomy. Universidad Católica del Norte.

  • Thesis: Orbital parameters of V1040 Cen.





  • 2009 Becas Chile Studentship for PhD studies. CONICYT (CHILE)

  • 2009 ALMA-SOCHIAS Studentship for international meetings. “Wild Stars in the old west”, poster “A Spectroscopical Analysis of the Cataclysmic Variable V1040 Cen”.

  • 2008 Chilean time for the SMARTS (AURA) telescopes (2008B period). PI “The secondary Star of V1040 Cen”, with SOAR.

  • 2007 Thesis work funded by “The next step in researching cataclysmic variable star: from velocity to position space”. Fondecyt project nº 11060401.

  • 2002 “Apoyando a los físicos del mañana” Fondo SDI Mineduc (CORFO).




  • 2013 Invited astronomer for "Moon week" talk. Shrubland Street Primary School, Leamington Spa, UK.
  • 2012 Outreach workshop. St Mary's Immaculate Catholic Primary School, Warwick, Warwickshire, UK.
  • 2011 "SETI" Workshop, for the 1st UK Space Conference Youth Programme, Warwick University, UK.
  • 2011 "Life outside Earth" Good Shepherd Primary School, Coventry, UK.
  • 2010 "ELT", article in 5th edition Prisma Magazine.
  • 2010 "LHC", article in 4th edition Prisma Magazine.
  • 2009 “The end of the world”. Ciclo de Charlas Públicas. IA, UCN, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • 2009 “Talk with a scientist.” UCN, EXPLORA, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • 2009 “Meet a young science woman.” Colegio D-73, EXPLORA, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • 2009 Article “What if aliens Do exist?”. “CONTACTO” Astronomy magazine, UCN.

  • 2008 Article “Coriolis force is atacking my bathroom”. “La alternativa”, news paper.

  • 2008“SETI” Workshop. Curso de Capacitación a Profesores de la Segunda Región. Grupo de Divulgación, IA UCN & ESO, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • 2008 “Distances in the Universe”. Jornada de Fortalecimiento de las Academias de Astronomía. UCN,, ESO, PROED & MINEDUC., Antofagasta, Chile

  • 2008 “Solar System” 4ºs Básicos del Liceo Experimental Artístico, Antofagasta, Chile.

  • 2007 ”Extrasolar planets”,Colegio Sagrada Familia, Tocopilla, Chile.

  • 2007 “Astronomy” Liceo Domingo Latrille, Programa EXPLORA, CONICYT, Tocopilla, Chile.

  • 2007 “Astronomy” Escuelas Básicas, Programa EXPLORA, CONICYT, Antofagasta, Chile.





  • Wu, Jianfeng; McClintock, J. E.; Steeghs, D.; Longa, P.; Torres, M.; Ho, L. C.; Callanan, P.; Reynolds, M.; Orosz, J. A.; Jonker, P.

    "Improved Constraint on the Mass of the Black Hole in Nova Muscae 1991"

    American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #223, #323.03


  • Girven, J.; Steeghs, D.; Heber, U.; Gänsicke, B. T.; Marsh, T. R.; Breedt, E.; Copperwheat, C. M.; Pyrzas, S.; Longa-Peña, P. "The unseen population of F- to K-type companions to hot subdwarf stars". MNRAS, Volume 425, Issue 2, pp. 1013-1041(2012).

  • Pravec, P.; Scheirich, P.; Vokrouhlický, D Longa, P. et al. "Binary asteroid population. 2. Anisotropic distribution of orbit poles of small, inner main-belt binaries". Icarus, Volume 218, p.125-143(2012)

  • Pravec, P.; Scheirich, P.; Vokrouhlický, D Longa, P. et al. "Anisotropic distribution of orbit poles of binary asteroids"
    EPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011, held 2-7 October 2011 in Nantes, France., p.312 (2011)
  • Pravec, P.; Vokrouhlický, D.; Longa, P. et al. “Formation of asteroid pairs by rotational fission” Nature , Volume 466, Issue 7310, pp. 1085-1088(2010)

  • Scheeres, Daniel J.; Pravec, P.; Longa, P. et al. “Asteroid Pairs Formed by Rotational Fission” Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, Vol. 41, p.926 (2010)

  • Pravec, Petr; Vokrouhlicky, D.; Longa, P. et al. "Primary Rotations of Paired Asteroids" American Astronomical Society, DPS meeting #41, #56.06 (2009)
  • T. Tuvikene, C. Sterken, P. Longa-Peña et al. “Photometry and spectroscopy of the contact binary GSC04778-00152”. The journal of Astronomicla Data 14 (2008)

  • Buie, M. W.; Wittman, D.; Longa-Peña, P. et al. “Minor Planet Observations [807 Cerro Tololo]” Minor Planet Circular 63813, 1 (2008)

  • E. Unda.Sanzana P. Longa-Peña “A spectroscopic analysis of the catcalysmic variable V1040 Cen” submitted.

  • P. Longa-Peña and D. Steeghs. "Optical spectroscopy of the short period cataclysmic variables CC Scl and V2051 Oph". In preparation.





  • 2013, June; "The nature of the compact binary 4U 1957+11", Gran Telescopio Canarias, 10.4 meters segmented telescope, Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos.
  • 2010, April; "Orbital and physical characterization of trans-neptunian binaries to test their origin", UT4 VLT, ESO Paranal.
  • 2009-2010 Site testing for E-ELT. Instrument LuSci, ESO Paranal.
  • 2008 “The secondary star of V1040 Cen-” SOAR telescope, Tololo.

  • 2008 “Photometry of binary systems and members of separated pairs among small asteroids”. 0.9 m telescope, Tololo.

  • 2007 “The incidence of massive close-binary and pulsating variables in galactic open clusters”. 42 cm Telescope Cerro Armazones observatory.





  • 2012 LOC member "Third International Workshop on AM AVn stars". Warwick University.
  • 2009-2010 Coordinator of The Astronomy Outreach Centre Paranal-Universidad Católica de Norte. IA, UCN & ESO

  • 2006 LOC member "Close Interacting Binaries: A conference to mark the 10th anniversary of astronomy in the UCN". IA, UCN

  • 2004 LOC member XIV Simposio Chileno de Física, SOCHIFI & UCN.

  • 2003 LOC member “First Decadal Review of the Edgeworth-Kuiper-belt - Towards new frontiers”. ESO & UCN.

  • 2002 LOC member. “International Amateur Astronomy Symposium” UCN.





  • Advanced user level : Windows XP, Vista, 7. Ubuntu, Open SUSE.

  • Languages : Perl, Python.

  • Astronomical software : Starlink, molly, doppler.





  • Spanish Mother tonge

  • English a good command
  • French, basic knowledge
  • Japanese I can understand basic Japanese





  • 2011-2012 Lab Demonstrator; First Year Electronics Lab and Second Year Astronomy Lab. University of Warwick, Coventry, UK.
  • 2009-2010 Part time professor. Introduction to Physics, Physics I, Physics II. Universidad de Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile.
  • 2009-2010 Laboratory professor. Physics I, Mechanic. UCN, Antofagasta, Chile.
  • 2008 Stratford College Math teacher, Antofagasta, Chile.