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Tom Marsh

I lead the Astronomy & Astrophysics group in the Department of Physics at Warwick. My research interests are accretion in, and the evolution of, binary stars. I am also interested in the observational techniques needed to study these objects. My major project of the last few years has been use and exploitation of ULTRACAM, a high-speed CCD camera. I am currently working on a ERC-funded successor instrument, HiPERCAM which has larger CCDs and five bands. My work touches on the area of gravitational waves as the objects I study are thought to be amongst the strongest emitters for the proposed space-based GRW detector, LISA.

Useful links:

Software My publications from ADS.
My other pages Undergraduate projects
HiPERCAM PX271 resources
ULTRACAM Travel expense forms

ULTRACAM on the 4.2m WHT

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Prof. T.R.Marsh, Department of Physics, University of Warwick, Coventry, CV4 7AL

Contact Details:

Office: PS 007
+44 (0)24765 74739