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Animations and Outreach

Warwick Astronomy and Astrophysics is committed to outreach and widening participation and welcome enquiries from schools, astronomical societies and other interested parties. Full details of school and other outreach efforts, including Warwick Astro's mobile planetarium are available on the group outreach page.


Public Talks

I am happy to give public talks at any level (school, general public, astronomy society, specialist interest, other) on my research (star formation in the distant Universe) or related topics. While I am mostly limited to regions accessible by public transport in a reasonable time (from Coventry), I can be flexible up to a point.

Recent talks include Statford-upon-Avon Astronomical Society and Birmingham Astronomical Society.

Titles of talks I have prepared include: "The Cosmic Evolution of Galaxies", "The Importance of Binary Stars across Cosmic Time", "The Science of Sci-Fi Spaceflight", "By the Light of the Silvery Earth: Our Moon in Science and Science Fiction", "The Science of Interstellar".

Please contact me for details and to discuss possibilities or other talks you may be interested in.

Other Outreach

I am responsible for the @WarwickAstro twitter feed - tweeting news and publicising papers relating to Warwick Astronomy and Astrophysics for a general audience.

You may be interested in "A Day in the Life of an Astronomer" - an article in which I was interviewed for Warwick's student newspaper, 'The Boar'.

I also have a chapter in the forthcoming book "Doctor Who and Science" (eds Orthia & Harmes) on the role and representations of the Moon in the BBC television series Doctor Who.


This page compiles a few animations I constructed that I thought people might find interesting/useful for outreach. As far as I can tell, everything (including the audio file) should be licensed for educational use only - so please don't distribute more widely. Files are in quicktime (.mov) format.

Flat Movies (i.e. for conventional powerpoint):

La Palma - Zoom from UK to La Palma, flat images of the Roque, WASP, WHT & Ultracam, zoom out. 1m44s, 1024x1024pix, 318MB. Also available as a smaller version (at 860x860pixels, compressed, 11MB)

Satellite Tour - A quick tour of the NASA models for HST and Kepler, and then a model of Swift that I put together. (860x860, 46MB)

Our place in the galaxy - A zoom out to see the Milky Way (12MB)

Fisheye Movies (for dome projection):

La Palma (as above, now in fisheye, 127.1MB)

Satellite Tour (fisheye, 320MB)


Comments or suggestions are very welcome.

All animations were constructed using the free 3D animation software Blender.

Anyone who wants to experiment a bit with Blender themselves, might find the reference sheet I wrote for myself useful. I take no responsibility for errors - I'm still a novice! - but there are some useful resources/links collected there.