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Tutorial Resources

I'm in the process of developing resources to use and share for undergraduate (Year 1 and 2) Physics tutorials. One of the most common traits amongst Physics undergraduates I encounter is a strong interest in science fiction in films and other media, which is often cited as an important inspiration for their studies.

To exploit this interest in the context of teaching, I routinely ask my students to pick a media source (novel, film, television or other) and explain to their peer group where the science (particularly physics) in it is good or bad. This does not always have to be science fiction based - action films, fantasy and even Loony Tunes cartoons can be analysed in this context.

To aid in future years, and for the reference of others who may be interested in exploring this area, I've summarised some of the key areas of interest in short information sheets - a collection which will grow as time allows over future months. Each sheet is also still something of a work in progress and will be improved in time!

Novels: The Lord of the Rings Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Television Programmes:


Red Dwarf 

The Tomorrow People


Movies: Transformers