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Danny Steeghs

Professor and head of the Astronomy & Astrophysics group within the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick.

Accreting black hole My research interests focus on compact objects; the remnants of stars in the form of white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. Binaries involving one or more compact remnants offer spectacular laboratories for a broad variety of astro-physics. Such binaries are responsible for spectacular explosions and are principal source of gravitational waves. I am interested in the astrophysics enabled through gravitational waves as well as what can be learned from combined GW & electromagnetic information, aka multi-messenger astronomy.

I am an observationally focused astronomer, exploiting the spectrum of facilities available to us, both from the ground as well as space. I am currently leading a new facility that will hunt for EM signatures of binary mergers, called the Gravitational wave Optical Transient Observer (GOTO).

If you are interested in a Ph.D position in our group, a description of current projects on offer can be found here. You can find out more about our research, with my interests overlapping with the white dwarf, transient and space domain awareness sub-groups.



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