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Thomas Wilson

About me

I am a senior research fellow in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at the University of Warwick and a member of the exoplanets research groupLink opens in a new window.

My primary area of research is the observational determination of the internal structures of terrestrial exoplanets by refining their radii and masses using the CHEOPS and TESS space telescopes, and HARPS-N instrument. I am particularly interested in testing if and how the structures (metallic cores, silicate mantles, oceans, and atmospheres) of planets vary across as a function of chemical composition across our Milky Way, and how this will affect the habitability of these planets. (Image: Haven Giguere)

I am an associate CHEOPS Science Team member within which I lead three GTO programs (X-Gal, Y-Gal, and TTVIGIL) and am the deputy coordinator of the largest working group (Planetary System Structure and System Architectures) within the GTO. I am a HARPS-N GTO collaborator within which I run the target coordination. I am also a member of the PLATO mission consortium working on the Ground Observing Program and leading the Quality Control work package.

PhD studentship opportunities

2024: Discovering exoplanets around compositionally-diverse starsLink opens in a new window, Mitigating stellar signals in exoplanet dataLink opens in a new window

I encourage interested prospective PhD students, particularly those from under-represented backgrounds, to reach out using my email for further discussions on the projects.



Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Gibbet Hill Road

Office: Milburn House F43