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Toby Rodel (They/Them)

I'm currently an MSc by research student in the Astronomy and Astrophysics group at Warwick, doing my research project on Monotransiting planets in NGTS and TESS data under the supervision of Dr Daniel BaylissLink opens in a new window.

I also completed my BSc in Physics at Warwick and did my final year project on the detections of secondary eclipses in TESS data supervised by Dr Matteo BrogiLink opens in a new window.

Research interests:

Currently, my research is focused on the search for longer-period transiting exoplanets through finding single transit events in TESSLink opens in a new window data and performing follow-up observations with NGTS. I perform simulations, generating exoplanet transit signals and using the noise properties of real TESS lightcurves to estimate the detection sensitivity of TESS to longer-period transiting planets. These simulations will eventually be used to calculate an expected yield of long-period exoplanets from TESS.

I am also involved in the vetting of TESS monotransit candidates as part of the NGTS monotransit working group.


As First author:

T. Rodel et al. - "Estimating the yield of monotransits from TESS" [IN PREP]

As Co-Author:

Conferences, workshops and talks:

National Astronomy meeting 2022 University of Warwick July 2022 Attended as a volunteer
LGBTQ+ STEM Day - Community &
Careers, Workshop & Celebration
Institute of Physics, Royal
Astronomical Society, Royal
Society of Chemistry, PRIDE in
November 2022 Attended

Other interests:

I'm passionate about Outreach and science communication, I assisted with the science fair outreach event as a volunteer at the National Astronomy Meeting (NAM) 2022Link opens in a new window.

I enjoy amateur night sky observing, including with Warwick's own student led Astronomy societyLink opens in a new window, of which I was social secretary (2020-2021) during my undergrad, and with which I continue to help out as a postgraduate.

I maintain an amateur enthusiasm for paleontology and occasionally read the latest scientific literature on the subject.

I play guitar in two bands

Write to:

Toby Rodel
Department of Physics,
University of Warwick,
Coventry CV4 7AL

Contact details:

Phone: +44 7860 205787
Millburn House


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