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KIS - Kepler INT Survey

KIS Ugi composite

DR2 available - 97% complete

The Kepler INT Survey is a deep 5-filter optical survey of the Kepler field, obtained with the Isaac Newton Telescope on La Palma and its wide-field camera. The survey employs ugri broad-band filters as well as H-alpha and is conducted by the IPHAS/UVEX collaboration, sharing the same survey pointing and data reduction strategy. Its main goals are to complement the Kepler Input Catalog by going deeper and offering additional diagnostics by adding u and H-alpha imaging. The survey data will be released to the community in catalog format to optimise the use of Kepler through its KASC, GO and DDT programs.

This project started taking data in 2011 and aims to obtain complete coverage of the Kepler field of view by 2013. Time is allocated through the multiple national time allocation committees of the Isaac Newton Group of telescopes, with contributions from the UK (PI Steeghs), Netherlands (PI Groot) and Spain (PI Martin). The raw data is processed by the Cambridge Astronomy Survey Unit (CASU) using the same pipeline as employed in the IPHAS data releases.

Data Releases

28 Feb 2012 : Initial Data Release

The initial data release catalogs covering ~50% of the Kepler field are available as direct download links below. The survey strategy and data calibration is described in the accompanying paper Greiss et al. (2012). Access through MAST will shortly be available in addition to the fat-file downloads below. The catalog comes in two flavours, the standard version and an extended version which contains a number of additional columns that are useful for quality control flagging and for checking applied photometric calibration adjustments. See Greiss et al. (2012) for a description of the columns.

10 May 2012 : catalog updated to V1.1 , see changelog for details

KIS V1.1 - standard columns [FITS table] [CSV] 

KIS V1.1 - extended columns [FITS table] [CSV] 

18/12/2012 : Data Release 2

DR2 is now available encompassing all 2011 and 2012 observations that passed our quality control checks. This provides coverage of 97% of the Kepler field. Please consult the DR1 paper for a description of the survey and its pipeline. Due to the large size, the data is now also offered in HDF format which allows easier usage on machines with limited memory.

KIS V2.0 - standard columns [FITS table] [CSV] [HDF]

KIS V2.0 - extended columns [FITS table] [CSV] [HDF]

MAST access

The KIS catalog (DR2) is also available through the MAST archive. Users can use the Kepler Enhanced Target search form or interact with the full catalog via the MAST CasJobs infrastructure.